Harley Trike FLHXXX – Clutch

Q: I have a 2010 Harley Trike FLHXXX. The clutch pushrod bearing has gone out two times once two years ago and just recently. Do you have a video of replacing it? Have you heard of any problems with this problem with the trike?

A:You might be talking about the throw out bearing behind the transmission side cover.
View @ 6:20 http://www.fixmyhog.com/video/jims-transmission-side-cover-install-006927/

Clutch adjustment should be as follows:

Incorrect clutch adjustment is the most common reason for throw-out bearing failure. The bearing is only supposed to be engaged when the clutch lever is pulled inward. That is one of the reasons why it is so important to completely slacken the clutch cable BEFORE adjusting the clutch pack and, also, why you need to correctly back out the adjuster screw. If the bearing is constantly engaged, it will be subject to excessive heat and, therefore, fail.

Other reasons for throw-out bearing failure are: age/high miles/a lot of city riding/lack of maintenance (bad, old, or wrong oil)/Incorrect oil level/aftermarket side cover (binding of ball & ramp assembly)/heavy spring load from aftermarket performance clutch assembly.
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  1. Hoofy

    Hello, Im having a problem getting my 2009 Street glide into neutral when it’s hot and running. I have to shut the bike off to put it in neutral thx, Paul any clues?