Ignition Module ’01 XL

I have a problem with and 01 Sportster ignition module. It quit and also blew a fuse and the breaker. I replaced the module. There is no spark at the coil, I installed a new coil and problem still persists. Any views? H-D serv. tech is also baffled.

Need a fresh train of thought. – Michael


Hi Michael,

Do you have 12 volts at the coil? Try running a jumper from the battery positive to the white wire on the coil, remove harness wire first. Sounds like you have a dead short in the main harness (blown fuse). Check all ignition wires carefully under the fuel tank and around the seat area. Has the fuel tank been removed for any reason? I have many ideas but start with these first. The jumper wire directly to the coil will eliminate the entire wiring harness; if the motorcycle does start you will only be able to shut it off by pulling the wire from the coil. Wrench Safe,

Team FMH

Harley Davidson Ignition Coil Test
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9 Responses to “Ignition Module ’01 XL”
  1. NIGEL

    i have a 2011 883 low which is not firing at the rear cylinder due to no power to injector is it the ecm ?

  2. craby

    need help removing ignition switch for 2012,1200 xlc.have to have a lock smith do the ignition.ran over keys with lawnmower & he cant pull a key off the key code.HELP

    • John Haible
      John Haible

      Go to the dealer with your title and drivers license. They will order keys from the factory. I just did this last month for an Ultra Glide I bought. Total with tax came to $31 and some change. Harley does not want others making keys do to theft. That was the answer the dealership had when I went in just to have a copy made of the key I had.

  3. Joseph Johnson
    Joseph Johnson

    Where is the turn signal module on my 1997 Sportster, can you show me a photo?

  4. Don

    Not sure why you would blow a fuse and a breaker! I would chase the wires from the fuse/breaker [both], assuming they are hot from there, until I find out where they stop being hot wires! Must be a serious short.

  5. ed

    I have a 1983 fxr with single fire ignition,after bike warms up it dies.light on module goes out and no spark at either plug.acc. works{headlight} fine.new ign.circuit breaker,new plugs.