Jr. Sylence’s Harley Story

Hello, JR here. Ok, let’s start before mx racing I rode 4 stroke dirt bikes until I got my first 2 stroke & it was a Kx80 dirtbike then somehow got into 2 stroke 4 wheelers & raced them but first let me tell you what they were. I was 13 yrs old when I got a Yamaha 200 Blaster & not long after I wanted more power so I had a big bore kit 50 over bigger sleeve went in & all. Then I found a 1988 Honda 250R which I believe was a 1986 250R which I raced also. Which all led me to ultimately my love & we all fantasized about this & I don’t mean the cute chick in the other class or shop at vo-tech & I don’t mean the neighbors hot older sister I mean our real love for Harleys that never changed day in day out & thinking of it was wishful thinking when you’re a kid then ya graduate from school & ya saving your money for that special bike & I loved Harleys my whole life & my father & Uncle both ride & it started when they were kids with Triumphs, sportsters, kz’s fatboys etc. My mom has a bike also & likes to ride, a girlfriend of hers just bought a new softtail trike all Black. A lot of our friends & family ride and I have an old black & white photograph of my great grandfather & his buddy on their old Pan or Shovelhead must be in the 1950s.

So I bought a 1998 flstf or fatboy off an old friend of the family. He is family & always felt like he was, and another Brother from our extended family which has been in an mc since early in 1980 or so. Ok, back to my bike. I love older bikes & even if I financed a new one I’d have to keep my carbureted 98. It starts with a passion for what you love & I do love motorcycles, I love working on them when I was 16 & racing I rebuilt my top ends on my 2 strokes to change piston & rings bearings, etc., I’d love a bobber no rake just a classic old knucklehead pan or shovel would work for me too & the ironheads were goodies too. Man, it’s 30° up here in Yankeeville & I wanna go riding now that I’m digging up these memories. But I love it & want s’more of it, “live free” y’all!!! Be Safe!!!

“Waton Hota”


Jr. Sylence

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  1. Robert S, Smith
    Robert S, Smith

    Can I get some help video on putting a 81 roadster together.I got the bike all toredown and dont want to over look something that would cost me more. I just got new cam and lifters it’s been punch 30 over right before I recieved it I just need some video help please…….
    Thanks with Respect..