Engine Light Comes On

Question I have a HD 883 w/1200 upgrade, 2006 model, only 700 miles on it. My engine light is coming on and off during the ride. What could be the problem? The bike was purchased in 2006 and sat stored by the previous owner.

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Answer Hi Cheryl, Depending on how it was converted to 1200 that maybe the cause. Best bet is to get it scanned while the light is on, that should head you in the right direction. There are way to many variables and not enough info to even voice an opinion on where to start. Wrench Safe, FMH

Hogger Feedback:
I had recently wrote you about my 2004 883C Engine light popping on and off. I found that a lose ground cable at battery was the problem. I tightened it and no more engine light. A little snooping saved me a lot of cash compared to the dealer cost. Maybe this will help someone else in the future! Jeff M.

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18 Responses to “Engine Light Comes On”
  1. Randall R. Brooks
    Randall R. Brooks

    I have a 1998 Ultra Classic evo motor that after a long ride if I pull up to a stop the oil pressure guage shows low oil pressure is this normal?

  2. Dave

    Sometimes low battery voltage will cause this. Also loose battery cables. I always check how tight my battery cables are at least once monthly.

  3. William

    Why dose my 2011 FLHR Road King keeps surge it’s like it’s misfiring and it keeps back firing new plugs and wires.

  4. Jerome

    Hi I have a 1989 harley sportster 883 I have been riding but I let it set for a few days and I crank but it won’t start or have fire then it clicks and chatters when cranking. I charge it regularly but does the same. It’s getting fuel and Percocet is on

  5. Marty

    I have a 2001 Softail Fatboy and I have an intermittent engine light and oil light. I have no engine codes and no engine noise and virtually no problems is there anything specific that would cause these two lights to intermittently flash on and flash off? Thanks guys.

  6. Harry

    Had the same trouble with my ’07 Road King Police. Turned out to be the voltage regulator.

  7. Chuck

    Had the same problem on my “02 Heritage, turned out to be the speedometer sensor on top of the transmission.FYI

  8. RON

    My engine light used to come on. Bike ( 11 ROAD KING ) would hiccup. Codes pointed to sensors. Turned out to be the TMAP sensor. Took tank off removed TMAP and showered it and bathed it in Brake cleaner and installed. Bike ran great after that. Thanks Fix my Hog for codes and how to retrieve them from speedo.

  9. n1xjm

    I am totally confused with the purchase of fix my hog. All I get is advertisement and can not find the answer to my question.

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  10. MARK

    I looked at the article and realized that was probably what was wrong. I went to shop and sure as the black on my tires they were both loose. Loctite and 10mm all is well.

  11. Richard Yaras
    Richard Yaras

    How do you read the code on my 2001 FLSTC? It runs fine, starts right up and go down the good.