Problem with 5 Speed Trans

Question Listen I have a problem with 5 speed trans on my Road King. Every time I shift into second gear I have to press hard on the foot peg to get to second gear. All the rest of the gears are fine and smooth any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike

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Answer Mike, Always check pawl centering according to service manual and in third gear, make sure not to spin cam type bolt inward too much this is the most common cause for this problem. I would need to know mileage and condition of intermediate plate in center of clutch pack.   Wrench Safe, FMH

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14 Responses to “Problem with 5 Speed Trans”
    • Levi

      Thanks for all your help I have a 2000 ultra after it warm for a few and put in gear grinding gears others are fine once it get hot no problem,changed tranny oil,clutch adjusted,checked shifter rod what gives

  1. Steve

    I was riding yesterday and turned a corner in second gear. When I straightened out something popped which I felt and the linkage got loose and would no longer shift up, only down. I still have 1st and second but when I hit neutral it goes in but takes a second and a little grind noise before it actually hits and the light comes on. Shifter fork break maybe? Suggestions?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Steve. Can we get the Make, Model and Year.
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  2. william griffin
    william griffin

    1997 1200 sportster shifted fine, then one day .made a funny chain slapping sound. now it will not come out of 5 th gear. took cover off everything looks fine, can the drive chain out of adjustment make this problem.? im a mechanic, not a motorcycle mechanic , trying to learn,

  3. Jb Robertson
    Jb Robertson

    I have a sportster 2003 when you put it in first gear let off clutch it doesn’t engage all the way and and doesn’t happen all the time sometimes it is perfect like and engagement problem all the rest of the gears are perfect please help

  4. Todd K.
    Todd K.

    Usually when I get a hard shift problem, I always start with checking the gearbox oil level.
    That was always standard procedure on the old Triumphs.
    I carried that procedure over to Harley Davidson repairs too.

  5. Tim

    I turn the ignition on and I got power lights work,horn works.but the blinkers don’t work.when I try to start I get nothing.the bike been sitting for 3 years.what causing this?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Tim, can you provide us with the year and model of your bike so we can further assist you with your question? Thank you, Hallie FMH Video Membership