Remote Oil Filter

I have a 1990 FXR 1340. I have purchased a remote oil filter holder. My question is, on the front of the motor on the brake lever side There is a mounting point on the later models which is a thread in the Engine cast. Can I drill and tap these points or will I end up in the oil jacket?

Tony R


Hi, yes they can be carefully drilled and tapped. There is no oil jacket behind that area but you may go through the crankcase into the flywheel compartment. Don’t panic, use heavy grease when drilling and tapping to keep chips out of the engine and space the mount outward about 3/16 to compensate for the cast in boss found on the later crankcases. They also sell a vertical oil filter mount which will bolt under your front rubber engine mount. Wrench Safe,

Team FMH
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  1. alain

    hello! my compensator gear is noisy and its the second one,first was changed on warranty.Instead of putting back a compensator gear how about just a gear which I saw somewhere.It dont need any special lubrication? thank you answering me