Road Glide Fairing Fix

QuestionWhile searching the website I was looking for a video showing how to glue back on the plastic screw holes which are on the backside of Road Glide fairing, but to no avail. Recently one of my screw holes sheared after I collided with part of a tree branch. These screw holes receive the Torx screws used to mate the fairing to the instrument cluster. Any help would be appreciated. I am a relatively new member and have enjoyed the videos and most recently on how to remove a Road Glide Fairing.

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AnswerUnfortunately, there is no, one, good, known fix for your damaged fairing outside of replacing it, which can be really costly. Our best suggestion would be to check out Loctite’s website. They have top quality glue & epoxy and great customer service. Shoot them out an email. Describe to them the job and see what they might suggest.
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3 Responses to “Road Glide Fairing Fix”
  1. Sam

    I used an epoxy for it. Not sure if it was Loctite or Gorilla Glue. I just checked the garage to see what the brand was, but had two different brands of them. It was a several years ago that I fixed it. But it worked, no problems since. BTW, the stripped brass anchors was my fault. I used blue Loctite to keep the screws from backing out. Lesson learned….check and tighten now and then.

  2. Alvin

    Thanks for your responses. I ended up using a plastic welder using GTX rods to match the material used on my Road Glide outer faring. The fix wasn’t glamorous looking but the product held in spite of my backyard mechanical approach. My insurance was a $500 deductible and I received $234 so I took the money and bought a great tool I can keep and use for many applications. ($120)