Scott Palmo’s Harley Story

My Dad used to have motorcycle magazines from the 1970s throughout the house, I loved looking at them. One of my favorite memories was seeing the Harley Davidson ads of the Super Glides. They looked really cool, always in a back street in the middle of the night. Looked like the toughest machine on Earth. I knew from that point forward that’s what I wanted! I started telling people in the late 80’s I want a Harley. I couldn’t get enough, always looking at them in motorcycle magazines in the 1990s and started pricing them.

I remember seeing a Sportster for $4500 brand new, and realized that was something I could work towards achieving. My best friend was also a huge fan of Harley’s, and hung out with bikers. He and I always talked about Harleys. In 2009, I finally bought my first Harley Davidson. Yep, it was a Sportster 883. I’m now on my third Harley which is a Sporster 1200 Custom. I can’t get enough of the machine, constantly look for moments to ride. I still think back to those first memories of looking at Super Glides. Not only did I fulfill my dream of owning a Harley, but I also fill I’m now part of a legacy.

Scott Palmo


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