In The Shop: Tri Glide Reverse System Diagnostic Tips

Tri Glide Reverse System Diagnostic Tips

In our last, In The Shop, we gave you a working overview of the Tri Glide reverse system. This month, we continue by reviewing a preliminary, basic, diagnostic overview for determining reverse failure on Tri Glide models. Much testing can be completed with, only, a test light and a multimeter. However, a factory Tri Glide supplement manual and a breakout box is also necessary for complete diagnostic testing.

There are four DTC’s that can arise for reverse failure. These codes are #s
P1772 – ECM terminal 4 is shorted to ground
P1775 – ECM detects an error within the reverse system(this one is rather vague!)
P1777 – ECM terminal 16 is shorted to ground
P1778 – ECM terminal 16 is shorted to battery + voltage

The reverse system may not properly function if battery voltage is less than 10 VDC (volts, DC). It is best to connect the battery to a charger before and during the performance of any diagnostic testing. If the motorcycle does not start and run correctly, the reverse system may not function properly. Trike rear wheels should be safely lifted off the ground with jack stands beneath the rear axle before performing any diagnostic testing that requires depressing the reverse switch.

It is important to start with these preliminary inspections:
Check all fuses
Verify that battery is fully charged
Verify that the charging system is functioning fully & correctly
Trip and reset the 150 amp circuit breaker
Note: when the trip push button is depressed, the reset lever should extend out
TO RESET, press the reset lever toward the circuit breaker body until an audible click is heard and the lever is fully seated against the circuit breaker body

If the circuit breaker continues to open under, only, light load conditions or the reverse motor will not correctly function after resetting the circuit breaker and resetting fuses, move forward with diagnostic testing per your supplement service manual.

This testing should include:
Reverse enable testing
Backup light testing
Reverse actuator testing
Reverse motor testing
Circuit breaker testing
RCM solenoid control circuit testing
Reverse switch testing
Ground circuit testing
Neutral circuit testing
Reverse enable testing
Accessory circuit testing
Reference images include:
Reverse motor, Reverse solenoid, and reverse control module.

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10 Responses to “In The Shop: Tri Glide Reverse System Diagnostic Tips”
  1. Chuck

    Ticket 18824 can you show how too test the reverse motor and how too get it out of the bike, because I am stump how too do it ,please help

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Dear Chuck,

      Thank you for your patience. In regards to your question-

      We do not yet have a video that covers Trike reverse diagnostics or repair. We hope to cover the topic in the near future. You may want to consider picking up the electrical manual for your year and model.
      Here is an overview of the reverse system.


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      • Ida

        I have a try glide ultra classic trike and we had to replace the reverse motor on the bike but even today it’s still doesn’t work right it would be nice to have a video to see how to do it my husband is a certified mechanic and it’s just so hard to get up and underneath these bikes when you’re working from home

  2. Kerry

    do you have an answer why reverse motor doesn’t turn when power is put to it? the gear comes out, but doesn’t turn. I bench tested it. any help would be appreciated. Also do you know what size the ball bearing is at the end of the armature shaft?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service


      We’d love to help! Would you be able to reply with your year, make, and model of your bike and we’ll send your information onto our experts.


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  3. iMichael Burgess
    iMichael Burgess

    J am looking at my third reverse motor the first 2 where under warranty. But these one will on me. $1400 for the motor that is pretty exspencive don’t you think.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Don,

      Great question! Can you provide your year and model of Harley?

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  4. SUZIE

    I have a 2015 TRI-Glide and when I put it into reverse, I heard a clunk sound and it doesn’t go into reverse. All I get now when I put it in reverse is a click and nothing happens I’m new to the Trike riding and want to know if I can still ride the trike since I don’t have reverse and now I hear a little rattle?