Speedo Issue

Question First let me say, thank God for you guys. It’s great to have an alternative to being bent over by the “Stealership” wrench jockeys that are more into selling parts than anything else.

Second, I have an electrical problem and a biker friend at work suggested that you might be just The guys to ask before I start tearing into things. I have a 2007 Harley Nightrain, which is basically just a Softail, and the other day my speedometer needle went crazy and then dropped to zero while I was on the highway. Other than the speedo issue, some of the indicator lights were randomly going off and the turn signals work but won’t automatically shut off. I checked the connections under the tank console and everything looked pretty okay. I started to remove the sensor from the tranny, but it is almost impossible to get at. After messing around everything worked the next day, but then went out again. I’m guessing it’s not a fuse problem. Does any of this sound familiar, and if so am I just looking at a bad sensor or wiring issue? If it is the sensor, what is your suggestion as to getting in there as far a special tool?

Thanks much, Scott S.

It sounds like a circuit breaker is tripping either because of a bad speedo head unit or because of age. Start by replacing the breaker with a new h/d one. It should be under the seat. Use the cover to ID which one. -Wrench Safe, FMH

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36 Responses to “Speedo Issue”
  1. Seldon

    I have a similar issue but when speedometer drops to zero and the engine dies. Then the speedometer will then come to life and the engine will start with a jerk and it keeps doing that. I have had prior issues with the bike where the dealer repared the wiring harness. The trouble code I get is P1632 “odometer learned up”. I have a 2012 FLD with a Nightstick slip-on and low restriction air filter.

    • Bob Cuculich
      Bob Cuculich

      Not sure if it’s the same, but I had a similar problem once on an ’04 Night Train, and it turned out the ground wire on my battery was a little loose. I tightened it and never had that problem again. Could be just a bad ground connection.

    • Dale long
      Dale long

      When my 2011 ultra classic was brand new it was dong the same thing. Ended up a cracked battery plate opening and closing.

    • Dale long
      Dale long

      When my 2011 ultra classic was brand new it was dong the same thing. Speedo and engine would quit. Ended up a cracked battery plate opening and closing.

    • Vegas

      I had a similar issue on my 2012 ultra classic CVO. Unlike some of the comments below where the bike would kill, my spedo would dance around, the voltage gauge would jump around and Max out, all my lights and radio would shut down bike was still running. Turned out one time negative ground connection on battery was loose. Ultimately in the end the issue continued to happen and the voltage regulator was the culprit.

    • Seldon

      Turns out the 2012 Dynas have a bad wiring harness. Harley will not replace the harness, they just cut out the faulty wire and splice in a new one.

      • Mike

        I am having that exact same trouble, it just started. Do you know what faulty wire Harley is splicing?

    • Michael Yount
      Michael Yount

      If it’s throwing a code, check it. It’s probably an IAC and a speed sensor code. The speed sensor should be replaced. Sometimes you can clean the magnet but I would just replace it.

  2. Terry Burton
    Terry Burton

    Dont know if this the wright place, my 03 FLSTSI has a cracked lens. Any tips on replacing it?

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      There is no repair for a damaged speedo. Unfortunately, it will need to be replaced.

  3. KEVIN

    I have a similar issue. 2005 FLHRI, speedometer, odometer, check engine light do not work. Cruise ready light works, but the security light fades in and out. When ignition is initially turned on, the odometer will come on and then change to symbols, then back on. The odometer will not reset. Can not access the trouble codes with the reset button. I have replaced the speedometer with the same results. The 5 speed was replaced with a 6 speed and Dakota Digital to recalibrate the speedometer 3 years ago and they worked fine until now. Digital Dawg ignition interrupt in place and functional and bike runs and rides great. Fuses checked and all replaced and rechecked. Relay replaced also. Any suggestions?

  4. John

    My son has a 48 and when he rides it the speedo fogs up so he can not see how fast he is going. Any ideas on how to fix this problem? would be appreciated thanks.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi, John. We would be happy to assist you; we just need some more information. What is the year/make/model of your son’s motorcycle?

  5. Robert

    Replaced speedsensor and speedometer on a 2005 Road King and the speedometer still doesn’t work! Any suggestions?

  6. Robert

    Your battery is going dead. My dyna acts like that when the charging system isn’t working or I need a battery

    • Keith

      2014 Ultra Limited. My info display started blacking out when starting, starting was sluggish, display would come back on after shutting off and turning switch back on. I tested battery with load tester and determined only 205 CCA out of 400 CCA battery. Replaced battery with new 500 CCA and all problems were corrected.

  7. Manny

    I have a 07 Fat boy.I have no spark and no injection pulse.I replaced the crank position sensor and still nothing.Any suggesions

  8. Ken Fecher
    Ken Fecher

    I have 1992 FXRS. Recently when trying to start it, all I get is a click in the panel on the right side electrical panel under the seat. I thought the battery was dead, after hitting the starter button repeatedly it suddenly turned the starter. I let off too soon, then click again. Then finally the starter turned and it ran. Now it’s hit or miss as to whether I get a “click” or actual starter function.
    Is it a relay I need to replace?

  9. Darren J Knight
    Darren J Knight

    I have a 02 Electra Glide Ultra Classic The speedometer went to zero , started working but showed wrong speed , 30 when doing 70, then went to zero and stayed . My self canceling stopped working on my signals , cruise control stopped working and it wants to die when I pull up to a stop light. I cleaned the sensor but it did not work. Any suggestions? No other gauges are affected .

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Darren,

      That really sounds like a bad speedometer sensor.
      Make sure you pick up the correct sensor for your year and model so that the length of the harness is correct.

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    • Bill Balach
      Bill Balach

      I have an 03 electra glide ultra classic and my speedometer is acting up the same way. The speedo starts OK then starts jumping around. It drops down to zero and the engine starts to stall. I replaced the sensor but no luck. Didn’t happen at the bike shop. The battery is good and tight. Any help is appreciated

      • Customer Service
        Customer Service

        Hi Bill. If your speedo is acting that way when your motor is almost stalling, your issue is deeper than a simple speed sensor.
        Could even be an issue with your ECM.
        Will be difficult to diagnose if this happens intermittently.
        Best to start simple.
        Make sure that you are using a quality, fully charged, known good battery and that your battery cables are clean and secure. Inspect both ends of each battery cable.
        Have your battery load tested at a local garage if it is in question.
        Inspect & clean your ECM plug.
        Inspect any and all possible electrical connections & harness.
        Try looking for possible Diagnostic Trouble Codes that will help clue you in.
        Also, try to determine if you are losing your headlight when your speedo dips.

  10. robert schilling
    robert schilling

    Oh, Hi again. Have no manual for the 03 fatboy. not sure where the speed sensor is. can you give me a clue ???

  11. Russ Newell
    Russ Newell

    My 02 Roadking speedometer dies to 0. Odometer stops, turn signals won’t self cancel, and stalls when downshift to stop. Replaced idle control sensor, problem remains. Any suggestions?

  12. Patrick Hamer
    Patrick Hamer

    My 2005 Road Kings OEM speedometer went blank, and its burnt out after replacing the fuse. I put another one in that wasn’t linked, and all the lights work so I know its getting power. I know my circuit board fried on the old one.

    So, I bought the combination speed/tach from Harley, $314. You have to have a working speedometer in order to install it. I told them my speedo was broke, and they sold me this one. But I can’t install it because I get a NO SPD code. I’m using the data link port, and following instructions to a T! It’s not the VSS,

  13. Chris

    1998 Heritage softail odometer screen bleed out , how can i replace the digital display , locate the part

  14. Perry Dickson
    Perry Dickson

    I have a 2015 Ultra Limited and the trip meter does not match the odometer. It’ll be off by as much as 70 miles. Any ideas

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Perry,

      Great question! Please refer to our Tech Q&A page for more information. https://www.fixmyhog.com/posts/harley-tips/

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