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Rear Axle

Removed rear wheel and can’t get the axle back in when I put on the brake bracket slides in, okay without? Via Email Check out the related videos below, hopefully a visual will help. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Have more questions? Check out our Q&A index page to find some answers.

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Installing Wheel Bearings

I can’t find the video set that pertains to installing wheel bearings. Need to order that for my riding buddy and his 2003 Softail Heritage. Via Email If you want to purchase a DVD, this one has sealed wheel bearings: Already a member? Log in and check out these related videos. Related Fix My…

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What Are You Nuts?

Q: re: 2006 Heritage Classic FLSTCI I can’t seem to find the correct size for rear axle nut size… I know it’s not 15/16 or 23mm Any ideas ? Thanks Keith H A: Keith, We still use a 15/16″ wrench for 2006 Heritage rear axle nut. It is usually best to use the “boxed” end…

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