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brake light switch

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Flashing Brake Light

2009 Harley Softail Heritage Classic. When I purchased my bike, it came with the “Panacea” flashing brake light module. This stopped working after a time and I purchased a new on through Kuryakyn. I installed the new module which worked fine until recently ( the brake light would not… Read More

Replace Brake Light Switch

I just watched ” How to Fix a Brake Light Switch”. I have been waiting for this as my bike’s brake light is on continuously and the issue is originating from the front brake lever. Would you be able to post video regarding removing and replacing the actual switch?… Read More

In The Shop: Brake Switch Failure

Common Electrical Issues Front Brake Switch We get hundreds of questions about electrical issues on Harley Davidsons. Some of the issues are common component failures like a bad ignition coil or a bad crank position sensor. Other issues are more commonly caused by incorrect installation of aftermarket components like handlebars… Read More

Brake Light Not Lighting Up

Having problems with a 1992 FLTHCU. The signal lights are intermittent and brake light is not lighting up. Any suggestions? I have changed all the bulbs. Via Email Get out your test light. You will need to chase some wiring. The signals & brake… Read More

No Signals, Horn or Brake Light

I have a problem with my 1995 Sportster XL 1200. The lights go on but the signals, and horn do not work and when I step on the brake the brake light doesn’t light up. Also when key is turned on the lights are on but… Read More

2010 Electra Glide Ultra Classic

Q: Help!!! My honey gave me a mini vacation as a newly just retired gift. After 41 years of building submarines I called it quits. She loaded my bike up with all that we needed and as I started to back the bike out of the garage, which is on… Read More

Brake Light Stays On

Q: I hope you can lead me in the right direction. I recently replace the throttle grip on my Heritage but now the brake light stays on and won’t disengage. It’s stays on constantly, I tore it down and tried to find the problem four times now with no luck. Read More