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Oil Dripping from Harley Air Cleaner

Hi guys. I’ve been doing all of my basic maintenance on my 08 Electra Glide Classic thanks to your videos. I noticed today that I have some oil dripping from my Harley air cleaner housing onto the right side of the motor. It’s not much, but I’m concerned. No recent service to the bike except…

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Oil Leak on Harley

Q: I have 89 FXRS I guess it`s a bottom breather, I just bought an ultra lower set of cases. I had the crank & rods installed, I installed a set of 3&5/8 jugs & pistons, S&S heads top breather! Now I have oil blowing all over the engine?I need some DVD to help me…

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Oil Sumping ’92 Heritage

While starting up the bike this week after winter storage, I noticed oil pouring out of the oil breather and had to shut it off. What could be the problem? Hello Larry,This problem is known as oil sumping, it happens when then gravity and static pressure of oil in the tank located above the oil…

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Pros Cons of Breather Systems

My present breather setup vents to the atmosphere. Other breather setups vent into the carb. What are the pros and cons of both systems? What is available that will vent outside the carb, but will be caught without venting to the atmosphere? From Wimmer Custom Cycle: We hold a patent on our head breather system.…

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