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charging system

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Street Glide Oil Leak

2009 HD FLHX Street Glide I have had an oil leak that has been hard to find. I believe I found the leak but am a little perplexed as to where I think it is. If facing the bike from the front. The right side of the voltage regulator… Read More

FMH LIVE: August 2017

Bob LaRosa chats with us about charging systems and answers some great questions from our Hoggers! He reviews the proper operation and thoroughly covers testing and troubleshooting. He also covers true stator and rotor style systems from 1970 to date. On top of that, he presents plenty of demo pieces including a rotor with loose magnets and multiple style regulator/rectifiers. Read More

Ultra Starting Issues

2007 Harley Ultra classic. It seems to have a good strong battery and I hear the starter clicking, but nothing happens. No motor turn, no nothing, just tick……tick……tick……tick and it’s not fast like in a car where it’s tick tick tick tick. I’m not sure what it should sound… Read More

Broken Stator Hardware

My stator is bad and bought a new one. While I was setting torque on the fastener, I broke three and was able to take one off. The other two our in the top of the stator. It’s impossible to take off and tried everything for the last two… Read More

Fouling Plugs

The rear jug misfire and it keeps fouling plugs on my 1991 Sportster. I took it to the local Harley shop and they took me for 900 dollars, no fix. I’ve changed plugs, wire, coil ignition. Do I have to rebuild the engine? Via Email… Read More

HD Battery

I have a 2007 Ultra Classic that is being temperamental on the start mode. I have owned it just short of a year. I just replaced the battery(orig. battery) thinking the under voltage release was doing its job. The new HD battery never has come up to… Read More

HD Charging System

Do you have anything on 2001 Ultra Classic that won’t run right at a medium speed of about 2000 to 2500 rpm that misses out and wants to die. Via Email Check for trouble codes. Check your HD charging system. Check for an intake leak. Read More

Harley Voltage Regulator

Something is dragging my battery down. How do I tell if it’s Harley voltage regulator or starter? Via Email If you are losing voltage while your bike sits, you can test your voltage regulator for bleed bye. Your voltage regulator… Read More

Harley Charging System

Q: How´re you doing Bob ? Greatings from Mexico City !!! I love your wonderful videos, they are so helpful. I own a 1995 HD Road King and it has been quite a problem trying to start the engine every time I want to. I’m looking at a Harley charging… Read More

Popping and Backfiring

Q: Hi I am Having Problems with my 73 Superglide!! Bike runs good when idling as soon as I take it for a ride it starts popping and backfiring!! Dies out then I wait a couple seconds starts up then does the same thing over again!! Starting to get Frustrated!!… Read More