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Remove Fairing for New Exhaust

Motorcycle year: 2016, Make: Harley Model: FL TRS Question: Do you have a video on twin cooled lower fairing removal? I’m putting new headers on and don’t know if I have to completely remove them to install new pipes or if they can be moved out of the way? Any help would be appreciated. Via…

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In The Shop: Radio Diagnostic Testing

Harley-Davidson Radio We get hundreds of questions about electrical issues on Harley Davidsons. One very common problem with fairing model bikes is radio failure, or the failure of a radio function. Sometimes it will be an easy diagnosis; like determining that a speaker is blown because it is buzzing after obnoxiously cranking your favorite Scandinavian…

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In The Shop: Inner Fairing Replacement

Your Inner Beauty We recently had a 2014 FLHX in the shop that had suffered some cosmetic damage after a minor mishap. The inner fairing had been scraped. The damage may have been repairable but the customer opted to replace the component with an OEM Harley replacement fairing. Fairing assemblies have changed a lot over…

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Road King Classic Fender Brackets Cracking

Q: Do you have a permanent fix for an ’03 Road King Classic fender brackets cracking at the turn to where they connect to the under rear fender and bag brackets? Thanks! Kenny A:Kenny, it would be nice if H.D. would do us a favor and upgrade these poorly designed brackets. However, in the meantime,…

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Follow Up on Bugs Be Gone

Hogger Feedback: I’ll bet you got a hundred replies, or maybe not. It’s my understanding that the ammonia that might be in Windex is harmful to our Lexan windshields. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I’m not experimenting on my windscreen with Windex or service station concoctions that might mess it up. Got almost…

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