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Battery or Fuse

2013 Sportster Seventy-Two recently I replaced the battery due to the previous one being dead and not holding a charge. However now after the new battery is installed when I hit the ignition nothing happens. The lights are on and there is no do dimming or any of the other signs of a dead battery…

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Loose Wire on Fuse Block

How to repair loose wire on fuse block? Via Email Remove the connector from the fuse block. See if it can be saved/repaired. Otherwise, we would suggest purchasing the correct OEM spade connector(s) from the dealer. Your objective should be to return the fuse box back to its original form. Related Fix My Hog Videos:…

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Blown Fuse

Q: I have 2007 H.D. ultra classic, I took the fairing off to service forks and put it back together now the fuel pump does not turn on and bike does not start. I found a fuse blown out and replaced it but keeps doing the same thing. Do you have any idea where should…

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Trouble Starting

I have a 07 Road King, and having trouble starting it. My starter switch seems OK and the kill switch too. When I engage the starter switch, I hear the solenoid click but the bike won’t start. If I play with the started switch, the bike will engage after several attempts. I have very little…

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Voltage Regulator

I replaced my voltage regulator on my 1994 Softail but the instructions say that the power lead should go to the aux terminal on the main breaker. Problem is bike has been customized and no longer has fuse block. The regulator I took off had lead connected directly to the battery. Is that okay? If…

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Sportster Cuts Off After 3 Minutes

I’ve replaced the carburetor which I thought was the problem but it hasn’t helped. I have an 883 Sportster with 1200 kit 1998; my bike runs 3 min then cuts off. Help…   Hi Wanda,I would buy a new vehicle attitude sensor from the dealer, not aftermarket. It should be located under left side triangle…

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