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Gaskets and Seals

I’m converting my Harley into a trike. I watched your video on how to replace a belt on a softail. I know with my mechanical ability and your video + shop manual I can do it! I’ve been in a wheel chair for the past 3+ years. 8 knee… Read More

Twin Cam Engine Tear Down

Q: I have a 2000 FLSTC that I had originally begun the Twin Cam engine tear down in preparation for Stage I porting, a Big Bore Upgrade and a Gear Drive Conversion. After having an accident and surgery that required me to lose over a months pay AND a negative… Read More

2000 Softail Fuel Supply Valve Gasket

Q: I am trying to rebuild my 2000HD Heritage Softail’s fuel supply valve. All it needs is a new Gasket. Where do I find one? A: When it comes to parts, your manual and accompanying parts manual will lead the way. If you get stuck, give a call to… Read More

Harley Rocker Cover Issue

I have a question for you. I own a 2012 FLHRC with the 103cc. The bike now has 13000 miles. I started to notice oil on the front cylinder Harley rocker cover, the front bolt. I put a wrench to it but it was tight. I checked the torque at… Read More