harley clutch pack

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Harley Easy Clutch

Q: I own a 2004 Harley Super Glide Sport FXDXI. I’m an older rider and on long city traffic rides my left hand is tiring pretty often. I was thinking of installing the “easy Clutch kit”. I understand that 2006 and later they use an improved ramp. Can I just install the new type ramp…

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Harley Clutch Seems to Not Disengage

Harley Clutch seems to not completely disengage. 1. shifts hard 2. hard to get in neutral 3. adjustment of clutch and cable does not help 4. primary oil Mobile 1 20W50 5. clutch pack loos good, fiber plates look good, steel plates have a dark blue color Any suggestions? Bobby R. If the steel plates…

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Worn 1999 Sportster Clutch Bearing

The bearing at the end of the clutch adjustment screw is completely gone on my wife’s 1999 Sportster. What would cause this to go bad and how much work is it to replace? Very rarely do these bearings wear out. The clutch must have been adjusted wrong and left to much load on the bearing.…

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