Harley Davidson Headlight Problems

Seeing is believing – really seeing is Living! Harley Davidson headlight problems are serious. Of course legally we need to have our headlights on and more important when nighttime comes around we want to see what’s in front of us. Here are several Q&As on Harley Davidson Headlight Problems.

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LED Passing Lights Issue

LED Passing Lights Issue I installed some LED passing lights about 2 years ago and they both just went out. One of them has a white powder on the inside of the sealed part where the LED’s are, have you ever run into this? The lights are like $400 so the are not cheep. I…

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Harley Davidson Headlight Problem

I have a 2011 Road King Classic. Recently I began to notice at night a Harley-Davidson headlight problem and passing lamps would blink off and back on occasionally. The Harley Davidson headlight problems worsened and looking at the service manual, I decided the headlight relay must be bad. When I pulled the headlight relay, I…

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Condensation in the Fog Lamps

When I purchased my bike in 2013 I had Daymaker Headlight and Fog lamps installed at the dealer. In May of 2014 I noticed a couple Harley Davidson headlight problems. Condensation formed in the fog lamps and the dealer replaced them. In June of 2015 I had condensation again in the fog lamps and the…

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Non-Warranty Upgrades

I am thinking about becoming a member but my bike is under warranty so I can’t really go into motor. What I would like to know is do you have video on how to install driving lights /handle bars and other things on a 2014 street glide? Via Email We have loads of videos to…

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Back To Bulbs

I was having some Harley Davidson headlight problems and I changed the headlamp along w/ some other cosmetic bits. Here is what I need help with…The previous owner removed all the turn signals (yes a nice clean look) but I want to put back aftermarket signals (not led). He cut the wires real short and…

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Changing to LED

I was having some Harley Davidson headlight problems and I want to change to a led lamp. Can I just pop off the headlamp bezel or do I have to take the fairing off? Via Email Depending on your year and model you may need to perform some additional installs. Check out the videos in…

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LED Turn Signals

2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Tri Glide. I want to replace my front turn signal lights with LED lights. Where are the wires located for me to splice into with the reducer that came with my new LED’S. Thank you in advance for your help. Via Email The plug for your front turn signals is inside…

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Daymaker Headlights

Hi, I just installed Daymaker headlights, and after about 15 min of riding the fuse for the headlights blew. This seems to be one of the common Harley Davidson headlight problems but I can not seem to find a solution. I don’t want to go back to the original if I can avoid it. Any…

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Harley Davidson Headlight Flasher Unit

I have a 2000 FLHTCUI and I added the Harley headlamp flasher unit to my system for that added daylight visibility. Ever since then I have been having Harley Davidson headlight problems with the fuse. I have been blowing them about every 2 -4 weeks of use if I have the spots on. When I…

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