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Harley Davidson oil

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Oil Change Kit by S&S

Quick and Easy Oil Change with S&S It’s as if my dad is standing in the room when I speak with my son. “In my day“, we did not have the interweb, Netflix, dumb never mind smartphones and no Fix My Hog! How did we survive. This new world does… Read More

XL Oil Lines

1997 Make Sportster Model 883 Hog Questions: I am doing a 1997 sportster build from scratch with my son for my son. I am considering becoming a member so I can have access to your videos. I just want to make sure you have what I need. Do… Read More

Street Glide Oil Leak

2009 HD FLHX Street Glide I have had an oil leak that has been hard to find. I believe I found the leak but am a little perplexed as to where I think it is. If facing the bike from the front. The right side of the voltage regulator… Read More

Shocks and Running Hot

I do not have a factory service manual but I have the Clymer manual. It does not have shock pre-load graph or table. I would like to know how many turns on shocks for two up riders, weight total 400 lbs. Via Email How many turns will depend… Read More

Oil Fill Plug Blowing Off

My Harley is cranking but not getting fire, when I crank on it for a min or 2 the oil cap blows off…before I go and spend money that might not fix the problem I would like to get some advise on what I can do. Via Email… Read More

Oil Line Routing

I recently bought a Harley Sportster with a S&S super sport motor on it, I got it to start and idle but the oil lines are hooked up wrong and I have a line that isn’t hooked up and have no idea where it goes. I can ride it… Read More

Harley Oil Filter

Q: I’ve done many oil changes on my FXR’s & Dyna’s for 25yrs. The service manual doesn’t call for filling Harley oil filter with oil on these models when doing oil changes so I’ve put new oil filters on without filling with oil. Should I be putting oil in filter… Read More

Foam Can Get You Home?

Q: Hi, I’m stumped. I’ve got a 2006 Harley-Davidson Fatboy with the fuel injection. I bought this bike new. I have Red Line synthetic oil in the engine. The oil level is correct. I ride an hour to work in the morning. I check the oil before I leave. By… Read More