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Adjusting the Idle 2006 Ultra Classic

Q: How do you adjust the idle on a 2006 ultra classic & is there a special wrench needed? I took off the air filter and back plate. I could see the throttle cable but it looked like it would take a special wrench to adjust……TT#??? Dan A: Dan, we would recommend that you do…

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Popping and Backfiring

Q: Hi I am Having Problems with my 73 Superglide!! Bike runs good when idling as soon as I take it for a ride it starts popping and backfiring!! Dies out then I wait a couple seconds starts up then does the same thing over again!! Starting to get Frustrated!! Hope you Can Help!! Tried…

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Starting and Stalling Again

Q: From Dan: I have an ’09 1200XL with bad idling problems. If you go for a ride, say 20 miles, and pull up to a stop it will roar like hell at high rpm for 10-15 seconds. The next stop may be ok, but the one after that repeats the problem. Then, it may…

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Starting and Stalling

Q: I have an 01 FLHTCUI with over 40,000 miles with an issue of starting and stalling. It always starts easily when cold and idles well, but after a few minutes, if I’m idling awhile to get out of my driveway, the idle will fall and the engine will threaten to stall. If it does…

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Cold Idle Dies ’98 FLHPI

First, thanks for DVD Touring very helpful. Second, my Road King has just over 40k now & I am experiencing a couple things. Cold start idles @ 600 – 800 dies & then on restart have to throttle 10krpm ’till warm up. Maybe the idle speed control needs replaced? Also I am getting some oil…

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