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Which Threadlocker to Use

Hello: I am re-assembling my front end after having the trees powder coated. Should I use anti-seize on the pinch bolts? Also, I purchased the Loctite Sticks kit (38725) a while back. It would be great if you could make a quick reference list of which Loctite product to use on the fasteners most commonly…

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I watched your video on air cleaner servicing. And then also watched the video on installing the K&N high flow upgrade filter. My question is why do you recommend “not using” blue threadlocker on servicing the stock air cleaner and then you do use the threadlocker in the K&N video? Also, you are showing two…

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Road Glide Fairing Fix

While searching the website I was looking for a video showing how to glue back on the plastic screw holes which are on the backside of Road Glide fairing, but to no avail. Recently one of my screw holes sheared after I collided with part of a tree branch. These screw holes receive the Torx…

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