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Right Floorboard Vibration

HELP. Slight right floorboard vibration at all RPM Nothing touching. 2015 Ultra Limited. Started after I changed only muffler. Went back to stock muffler. Still fell vibration, could it be stage 1 tune? Via Email It would be hard to speculate what might cause a “slight” floorboard vibration. These motorcycle’s can vibrate themselves apart overtime.…

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Motor Mount Hardware

Replace front motor mount still getting some vibration but better. Should I check the engine stabilizer bar? If so do you have a video on checking it / how to adjust it or replace it. Or other things to check. Just under 12 thousand miles. Via Email We would suggest, slightly, loosening and re torquing…

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Front Motor Mount

We replaced the OEM primary chain tensioner with an after market spring loaded device and replaced the front lower motor mount dampener. Now we have developed a vibration at 1800 rpm that shakes the fairing terribly. Do you have any recommendations? Via Email Make sure you correctly reassembled anything you addressed in your drive. Try…

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Motor Mount

Can I change engine mounts on my Road King, I have a vibration around 40 – 50 mph, I had a new front tire put on and I`ve had it balanced twice. Via Email If your front engine mount is old, it may need to be replaced. It will be similar to this video: Harley…

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Rubber Mounts

Q: Can I put rubber mounts on a 1999 Softail? – Dave Beniot A: 1999 Softails were not engineered to use any type of rubber motor mounts. In 1999, Harley even stopped using rubber mounts for the Softail oil tank. You can, however, still find a rubber mount behind the horn mounting bracket. Related Videos:…

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Bad Vibrations ’03 FLTCHUI

When I had my 2003 FLTCHUI (40,000 mi.) at the dealer for fork seal replacement, they said the bike had a lot of abnormal vibration so they replaced the front lower motor mount under warranty. I hadn’t noticed any excessive vibration myself, but I figured I just must have gotten used to it. However, since…

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