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2006 Harley Trike

Q:I have a 2006 Harley Trike the engine has a cam upgrade and increased to 96 cu in. I buy 92 octane premium gas. Only a few gallons at a time ( 100 to 150 mile rides) My bike has been pinging. 1. How much gas is in the lines from the storage tank pump…

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Replace Cam with Andrews EV 27

I have Softail Nostalgia 1996. I have replaced the cam with an Andrews EV 27 and have got a chatter. Have checked everything including pushrods. All bbc set up properly and chatter is still there. Is this normal for ev 27 or do I need to adjust anything? Thanks Steve J Via Email Andrews EV…

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Detonation Problem

I have a bone stock 2009 Dyna Fat Bob FXDF that has a moderate detonation problem. The bike has 5200 miles on it. If I roll on the throttle 1/2 or more the bike will ping. I am not lugging it in too high of a gear. Example 4 gear 55 mph passing a car…

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Oil Leaking 2005 Fat Boy

I have a carbureted 2005 88cu Fat Boy with 18000 miles on it. The other day, I let it idle in my drive way and oil started leaking out around the dip stick. It does this every so often, but really noticeable the other day when it was cold down here and the bike was…

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