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oil change

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Oil Change Kit by S&S

Quick and Easy Oil Change with S&S It’s as if my dad is standing in the room when I speak with my son. “In my day“, we did not have the interweb, Netflix, dumb never mind smartphones and no Fix My Hog! How did we survive. This new world does… Read More

Drain Plug

I was wondering if you would give me a tip on how to get the drain plug out of a FLSTS 1999 Springer transmission. It’s right in the middle of underneath it or the brace running to the tailpipe can’t hardly get my finger in there. Via Email… Read More

Harley Fuel Shut Off

I just changed oil and filter on my 2001 XLH883C when I started it, it blew the filler cap off and oil all over, what could be the problem? Also changed the Harley fuel shut off cause it was leaking, the new one didn’t have the vacuum… Read More

2006 Harley Trike

Q:I have a 2006 Harley Trike the engine has a cam upgrade and increased to 96 cu in. I buy 92 octane premium gas. Only a few gallons at a time ( 100 to 150 mile rides) My bike has been pinging. 1. How much gas is in the lines… Read More

Harley Davidson Oil Change

Q: Hi there, I’m a customer of yours (a few dvd’s). I’m hoping to get your valued opinion on a recent issue… 2005 Screamin Eagle Electra Glide. Last service, dude left it low on oil. In a rush, I mistakenly dumped an entire quart of oil in… Read More