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oil cooler

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Oil Cooler Leak

2014 Harley FLHTXS. The oil cooler on my 2014 Street Glide has some rock damage and has a very slight leak. I let the engine run, and it does not leak more under pressure. Should I replace the core or continue as is, monitoring the oil level? Via Email… Read More

Harley Overheating

Hello, hope all is well with you. I have a simple two part question for you. What is the normal operating temperature (engine) on a 2007 road king classic with a 96 cubic inch motor.. and what kind of temperature readings should I expect to get on the head pipe… Read More

Shocks and Running Hot

I do not have a factory service manual but I have the Clymer manual. It does not have shock pre-load graph or table. I would like to know how many turns on shocks for two up riders, weight total 400 lbs. Via Email How many turns will depend… Read More

Harley Oil Pressure

I have a 2002 Ultra Classic. The motor was suppose to been rebuilt a couple of years ago but I do not have proof of that. The bike shows 54,000 miles on it. My question has to do with the Harley oil pressure. When I first start… Read More

EPA Mandates Making Your Harley Run Lean?

Someone recently posted the question on a Harley forum “does a stock engine last longer than one with modifications?” Probably 95% of the respondents stated stock engines from the factory come with a very lean set up as the result of EPA mandates and will have overheating problems and… Read More