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Front Fender

I bought an aftermarket front fender for my bike that wraps and hugs my 21in front wheel. I am having trouble mounting it the correct way, first time we mounted it I went over a RR track on the highway at 70 mphs and the fender sucked down on… Read More

In The Shop: Powder Coating

Motorcycle Powder Coating Some riders make detailing their bike a hobby. Nothing wrong with that, as cleaning your HD is considered an important part of basic maintenance. Even a bike that is scrutinized over will eventually succumb to the elements and road debris if ridden on a regular… Read More

Highway Paint on Harley

2019 Make H-D Model Limited – FLHTK Hog Questions Greetings, I must have followed a truck leaking paint on the freeway. I have white dots all over the front and windshield of my new (325 miles) Vivid Black bike! AArrrggghhh!! What is the best way to remove? I… Read More