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Harley Ignition Going Bad

Q: I have a 2002 carb FLTR 95″ with a crane plug in Ignition. I had cam chain issues and replaced them with the up-grade. After all adjustments were made by spec. (HD scream’n eagle adjustable pushrods). I have a mis-fire at 5100 RPMs. Rev limiter is set at 6000. Read More

Hydraulic Tappets

Q: I wonder if you can help me on a topic. Is there any information on stripping, rebuilding and priming standard hydraulic tappets on a twin cam 88? I can’t find anything online about this. I have stripped them and put them back together again, no problem. Read More

Noisy Tappet

I have a 02 Road King and it seems to have a noisy tappet, sounds like when you were adjusting the lifters on a old Chevy, a clacking sound. The Harley dealer says some make more noise than others, doesn’t sound normal to me, it is… Read More