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In The Shop: Audio Upgrade

Audio Upgrade Rockford Fosgate has been known for their premium, innovative, sound systems for many years. When it comes to upgrading the sound system on your Harley Davidson, a Rockford Fosgate system is a great option. Rockford offers a front audio kit for 1998 to 2013 Street Glide, 1998 to… Read More

In The Shop: Radio Diagnostic Testing

Harley-Davidson Radio We get hundreds of questions about electrical issues on Harley Davidsons. One very common problem with fairing model bikes is radio failure, or the failure of a radio function. Sometimes it will be an easy diagnosis; like determining that a speaker is blown because it is buzzing after… Read More

CD in Radio Won’t Eject

2012 Road Glide Ultra, CD in radio won’t eject. Any suggestions. Via Email Only idea is, try disconnecting battery ground. Wait a few seconds and reconnect. Kind of a shot in the dark. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Getting to the Radio FMH… Read More

Harley Right Speaker Popping

I have a 2006 Ultra Classic, I am having trouble with the Radio. It started with the Harley right speaker popping and then nothing but the left side playing. A few days later, I have power to the radio but NO sound. I have never taken… Read More

Harley Radio Upgrade

Don’t get used to average. You chose to ride Harley to avoid being average like all of the other run-of-the-mill bikes out there. You wanted the best American made ride possible. There’s just one problem. The stock speakers and amp on your bike just aren’t the best they can be. Read More

Harley Radio

The Harley radio on my 09 ultra classic keeps going off and on. the code tells me its the left speaker. What should I do/ I heard about this happening to a few HD’s in the past… HELP!!! Hi Angel, Thank you for the… Read More