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saddle bags

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Saddlebag Lid Latch Spring

Do you have any information on how to change the saddlebag lid latch spring? It looks like the end of the rod is welded. Via Email On an older m/c you will be much better off replacing the entire assembly. Have more questions? Check out… Read More

Harley Saddlebag Mount

Q: Hi Team FMH, I have a 2006 Street Glide, while out on a run last week the 7/16ths bolt sheared off that holds the left rear Harley saddlebag mount (s-shaped ), I went to the local H.D. dealer to get a new rubber mount ( under the bag )… Read More

Carrying a Gun on a Motorcycle

Easy Rider: Handgun Carry While Riding a Motorcycle By Deryck Poole Motorcycle riding continues to increase in popularity. For some it’s because of increased gas prices. For others it’s a sense of freedom, a way to temporarily unplug from the world. And for others it’s something they grew up doing… Read More

Trouble with Tour Pak Lid Catch

Q: I bought the 53000195 Self Aligning Tour Pak Lid Catch, but I’m having a hard time installing it. It should be relatively easy, just two torx screws, but they won’t budge and I’m afraid I’ll break the screw heads or the torx driver. I have been trying to unscrew… Read More