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Spring Motorcycle Riding

Q: Since the weather is getting to be nicer how do I handle a first start for the season? A: If you live in a part of the country where you actually need to store your m/c for the winter, there are some things that should have already been taken care of to maintain and…

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Harley Riding Temp

Q: I am new to Harley motorcycles. I purchased a 2005 883 custom bike and my question is; Can you start it and let it idle without riding it. I live in Tennessee and some days it is too cold to ride it right away. A: It’s always good to let your bike warm up.…

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Harley Tire Pressure

I’ve got a 2011 H-D Fat Boy Lo with stock tires. Jerry “Motorman” Palladino in his “Ride Like a Pro” DVD recommends running 40 psi tire pressure in the front Harley tire to lighten steering loads and ease low speed maneuvering. The H-D owner’s manual calls for 36 psi in the front tire. Will going…

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Rider Safety

Q: Well Hello! I have always wanted to learn motorcycle riding. Not just on the back NOW! Can you help me find a school,somebody,please. I am also looking for the perfect bike for a 5’2″ gal. I have a bucket list and this is at the top. Thank You Brenda A: Hi Brenda, Thank you…

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