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shifter pawl

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Shift Pawl

Just got into second gear, want to shift in third, shifter lever moves. Transmission did not engage the next gear, possible cause? Shifting levers are tight. Via Email Inspect your transmission shift arm at the transmission. The spines of the arm & the shift pawl shaft may be… Read More

Heel Toe Shifter

I have a heel-toe shifter it seams to have a bit more play in it than normal. I have to put my foot on both shifters to up-shift, the downshift seams normal. I am also having a hard time getting videos for my 1991 Fat Boy the videos show… Read More

Laid My Bike Down

I gently laid my bike down on primary side and now it won’t shift. HD shop said its jammed & possible the shaft is bend. Do you have a video to review this repair? Via Email You will have to remove your drive to evaluate the damage. Read More

Harley Shifter Pawl

He guys love the site I’m having trouble with my Street Bob I installed a Kuryaken forward control set over the winter now that I’ve taken the bike out twice so far this season in finding it very hard to shift almost having to basically force… Read More

Harley First Gear Problem

Hi there wonder if you can help me. I have a Sportster xl883 2004 model the Harley first gear problem is that the bike keeps coming out of first gear only I have adjusted the clutch screw and cable and there is new clutch plates in there. To get… Read More

Harley Shift Linkage

Here’s a couple questions for your guys: 1. How much slack should be in the Harley shift linkage? The transmission shift pawl allen bolt is tight, but has a lot of free play! 2. When are you coming out with the removing and replacing a transmission? Dave F… Read More

Harley Shifter Pawl Assembly

Hi, My 21 year old Heritage Softail (1992 EVO) won’t return gear when placed into second upwards. Do I need to take the gear box out to fix the pawl? Via Email Kenny, yes, you will have to remove the gear set. Be sure to replace the entire… Read More