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Rear Wheel Removal

Do you have a video on removing and installing rear wheel on 2008? Via Email We have several. Please review the Maintenance Category and click on your model and review the list or search the site. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Touring Models… Read More

Trouble with Rear Laced Wheel

2009 Road King Classic Hi, I have been having trouble with my rear laced wheel, the spokes break once every 18 months appx. I am thinking of changing the rear wheel to one that is not laced but of the same size and leaving the front wheel laced. Read More

Will Tire Fit

Will a Michelin Commander 2 fit 150/80/16 rear? Will it be okay and not a 130 90 16 I want it to be lower and a wider tire can I put it on my bike and will it be okay to ride? Via Email Fairly certain that you… Read More

Pulling to One Side

I don’t want to go into this in a big way, because it’s a question that could dig up a huge can of worms and you won’t have time for that! Could you please briefly advise me if it is considered ‘normal’ for a correctly adjusted and aligned big… Read More

Front Tire Removal

Can you help with a link to a video I can purchase from your site showing how to remove the front tire so that I can remove the lower forks. I want to put some new bottom slid. Via Email Yes, we have several in our maintenance categories… Read More

Aftermarket Wheel

I bought a RC Components Rear 17 x 6.25 Savage Eclipse One-Piece Wheel w/o ABS. The rim is 6.25 inches wide. Will the stock tire (180/60-17) fit on this rim? Can I go with a 200/55-17? would it fit in the FXDWG without modifications? Via Email Fairly certain… Read More

Installing Wheel Bearings

I can’t find the video set that pertains to installing wheel bearings. Need to order that for my riding buddy and his 2003 Softail Heritage. Via Email If you want to purchase a DVD, this one has sealed wheel bearings: Already a member? Log in… Read More

Wheel Spacers

I took off rear wheel to replace the tire. When replacing it, I got stumped and I have 2 wheel spacers for right side. I have service manual but only shows part explosion for chain drive. Mine is belt drive. Spacer on left side is longer and both spacers… Read More

Harley Modification

Hey, kind of an unusual request. I have a 2007 Sportster 1200 Low with factory 16″ rear and 19″ front cast wheels. Building a scrambler type bike and wanting a 17″ rear spoked wheel and 19″ front. The 17″ rear is the problem. Seems I can’t find one anywhere. Read More

Softail Deluxe Front Wheel

I`m looking to install a 2008 Softail Deluxe front wheel. It does not have the big chrome cover on the spoke wheel like a Dyna. Any help? Thanks. Tom Via Email The chrome cover does not change much of the wheel… Read More