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torque wrench

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Torque vs. Snug

I am changing my fluids, and I would like to know what to torque the various fittings at: the 3 derby cover screws, the primary drain plug; The oil tank drain plug; the transmission drain plug. I’ve looked at my Clymer and the HD manual as well as various… Read More

Torque Wrench Use

How do I measure inch pounds on my torque wrench? Via Email Torque wrench use depends on the wrench. If you have a foot lbs torque wrench, 1 ft lb is 12 inch lbs. An inch pounds torque wrench measures… Read More

JIMS Tools

Q: Gidday, buddy Will Raihe here from Gladstone Australia. I’ve just joined the fix my hog group and love the videos you have on this site. I’m in the process of turning my 1997 FLSFT Fatboy into a chopper. Ive never done this before but watching the videos has given… Read More

Torque Wrench

Q: Hi, I just recently viewed Bob demonstrate the proper way to remove the front brake caliper and reinstall the caliper after servicing the brake pads, then I noticed Bob torque the front master cylinder to 6-8 in lbs. Can you tell me what type of torque wrench that is?… Read More

What Are You Nuts?

Q: re: 2006 Heritage Classic FLSTCI I can’t seem to find the correct size for rear axle nut size… I know it’s not 15/16 or 23mm Any ideas ? Thanks Keith H A: Keith, We still use a 15/16″ wrench for 2006 Heritage… Read More

Buying Tools

I need sources for buying tools mentioned in the Touring Maintenance tool list for my Harley. The video suggests: Fuel line plugs Plastic shut-off pliers Step-less clamp Step-less clamp crimping tool… Read More

1-3/8″ Offset Wrench

On the Softail Maintenance video there is a tool list. One of the tools is a 1 3/8″ Offset wrench (open end according to the video). My question is where you purchase this type of wrench? I cannot find one from Craftsman, Kobalt, Snap On and… Read More