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Circuit Breaker

I have recently purchased an 2003 ultra classic and have a problem, the bike’s main circuit breaker will open up and completely shut down the bike every time I ride. There was a breaker recall on this model and I have had it change by the dealer twice and I’m still having the same problem,…

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Brake Calipers ’96 Road King

Hi, I have a 1996 EFI Road King with 70,000 miles. My mechanic bleeds my brakes at each service but my brake pedal feels soft after a few weeks. It feels like my brake doesn’t even grab until I almost have the brake floored. My mechanic suggests changing the brake calipers on my Harley. Any…

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Fuel Filter Replacement

I have the Touring Edition DVD for Twin Cam 88, great product. The DVD has been extremely helpful. Did you produce a video for replacing the Harley fuel filter on EFI models? I have a 2005 Road King with 20K miles and the factory manual isn’t very straightforward on the procedure for fuel filter replacement.…

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Problem with 5 Speed Trans

Listen I have a problem with 5 speed trans on my Road King. Every time I shift into second gear I have to press hard on the foot peg to get to second gear. All the rest of the gears are fine and smooth any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike Via Email Mike, Always…

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Engine Light Problem

I own a 97 Ultra Classic fuel injected HD. The engine light problem is killing me. It first came on when coil went out. I was about 10 miles from home when bike went running on one cylinder. I stopped bike, checked plugs got no fire on front cylinder. I cranked motorcycle after about one…

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Oil in My Air Lines 97 FLHR

I love the Touring DVDs. I have a 1997 FLHR. I have some fork oil showing up at the front air valve. Is this oil in my air lines normal, a possible seal problem or possible overfill from my last service? The bike has not been laid down or fallen over. Any thoughts or whether…

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