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In The Shop: Detachable Tour Pack

This is our friendly “heads up” to any Touring owners who are considering a detachable tour pack assembly. In The Shop, we are not in favor of modifying a tour pack so that it can be detachable. Over the years, we have completed installation with a number of these kits. Read More

Circuit Breaker

I have recently purchased an 2003 ultra classic and have a problem, the bike’s main circuit breaker will open up and completely shut down the bike every time I ride. There was a breaker recall on this model and I have had it change by the dealer twice… Read More

Brake Calipers ’96 Road King

Hi, I have a 1996 EFI Road King with 70,000 miles. My mechanic bleeds my brakes at each service but my brake pedal feels soft after a few weeks. It feels like my brake doesn’t even grab until I almost have the brake floored. My mechanic suggests changing the… Read More

Fuel Filter Replacement

I have the Touring Edition DVD for Twin Cam 88, great product. The DVD has been extremely helpful. Did you produce a video for replacing the Harley fuel filter on EFI models? I have a 2005 Road King with 20K miles and the factory manual isn’t very straightforward on… Read More

Problem with 5 Speed Trans

Listen I have a problem with 5 speed trans on my Road King. Every time I shift into second gear I have to press hard on the foot peg to get to second gear. All the rest of the gears are fine and smooth any advice… Read More

Engine Light Problem

I own a 97 Ultra Classic fuel injected HD. The engine light problem is killing me. It first came on when coil went out. I was about 10 miles from home when bike went running on one cylinder. I stopped bike, checked plugs got no fire… Read More

Oil in My Air Lines 97 FLHR

I love the Touring DVDs. I have a 1997 FLHR. I have some fork oil showing up at the front air valve. Is this oil in my air lines normal, a possible seal problem or possible overfill from my last service? The bike has not been laid down or fallen… Read More