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Indicators Not Working

1990 Harley FXR. I install a Badlands turn signal canceler in my FXR. Turning the ignition to the on position the turn signal indicators in the dash flash but if I start the bike while the bike is running the indicators on the dash no longer light up or… Read More

Eliminate Front Turn Signals

I want to run my bike with no turn signals on front, put new apes on and disconnected all turn signals now I have no brake light all 12 volts is going to my rear taillight so bright, how can I run with no turn signals? help please! Via… Read More

Turn Signals Not Working

2000 Superglide Harley. Having a problem with my turn signals replace them all first the wiring for back ones was bad and shorting together so replaced it all now all running lights will come on. If I make the emergency lights on they all will flash, but can not… Read More

Back To Bulbs

I was having some Harley Davidson headlight problems and I changed the headlamp along w/ some other cosmetic bits. Here is what I need help with…The previous owner removed all the turn signals (yes a nice clean look) but I want to put back aftermarket signals (not led). He… Read More

Changing to LED

I was having some Harley Davidson headlight problems and I want to change to a led lamp. Can I just pop off the headlamp bezel or do I have to take the fairing off? Via Email Depending on your year and model you may need to perform some… Read More

Flashing Signals When Starting

My turn signals flash three times when I turn on ignition switch. Is this a trouble code? This just started. Via Email We searched, but could not find any info on three flashes. Usually 6 flashes are indicative of a stored code. We would suggest looking for a… Read More

LED Turn Signals

2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Tri Glide. I want to replace my front turn signal lights with LED lights. Where are the wires located for me to splice into with the reducer that came with my new LED’S. Thank you in advance for your help. Via Email The plug… Read More

Turn Signals Not Working

Hey guys I’m having a problem with my turn signals(1980’s FLH). Specifically they worked less often then not at all. I pulled and checked all bulbs and cleaned bulb contacts. I now want clean each switch but not sure what to take apart. I disassembled the left switch to… Read More

Turn Signal Not Flashing

My Harley Heritage Softail 1996 indicator/turn signal lights stay on when instead of blinking. I hit the “turn” button for the signal/turn lights, but they just come on and stay on! Help! Regards Jonny Garnder from Australia. Jonathan, sounds like you have a bad turn signal… Read More