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Ultra Classic

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Circuit Breaker

I have recently purchased an 2003 ultra classic and have a problem, the bike’s main circuit breaker will open up and completely shut down the bike every time I ride. There was a breaker recall on this model and I have had it change by the dealer twice… Read More

Engine Light Problem

I own a 97 Ultra Classic fuel injected HD. The engine light problem is killing me. It first came on when coil went out. I was about 10 miles from home when bike went running on one cylinder. I stopped bike, checked plugs got no fire… Read More

What is My Belt Size?

I need to know what belt size I need for a 2006 Ultra Classic with a 32 front pulley and a 66T rear pulley.  Thank you – JJ 32 is stock front I am not aware of a 66 rear only 65. Drag specialties has a good graph matrix… Read More