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Harley Davidson Not Starting

I have a 2010 ultra classic with ABS. It is not starting. The battery voltage is 12.75 off the battery. When I turn the main switch on, I get a drop to 12.5, and when the kill switch is turned on, I get a drop to 12.38. The self test… Read More

Harley Wiring

1980 Shovelhead. However I get your emails and they are very helpful. I received your email about the 3 DVD set on Electrical Troubleshooting and was wondering if they would be of a benefit to me or not. Please let me know. Via Email The DVD set covers… Read More

Harley Neutral Light Grounding Switch

2006 HD Elec Gld Classic 1-Neutral light flickers when in gear. The Harley neutral light grounding switch changed at which time neutral light came on only when in gear. 2- Radio display GONE – Bob Bob, when an indicator light flickers, it is usually caused by a loose bulb… Read More

Sportster Tach Jump and Stall

Q: I was coming home from Chillicothe Easyriders on my 1998 1200 Sporty when the Sportster tach jumped around, and then stalled. It started again, then maxed out and the bike died…..any ideas where I should start? The tach was fluctuating wildly while the engine was running smooth. Then it… Read More

Harley Davidson Headlight Flasher Unit

I have a 2000 FLHTCUI and I added the Harley headlamp flasher unit to my system for that added daylight visibility. Ever since then I have been having Harley Davidson headlight problems with the fuse. I have been blowing them about every 2 -4 weeks of use if I have… Read More

Factory Grips

Q: On a 2008 SG is there a trick to changing out the factory grips? I have put new grips on used the manual step by step but it keeps stalling and losing power, if I smack the end of the grip it gives me my throttle back. This cannot… Read More

Trouble Starting

I have a 07 Road King, and having trouble starting it. My starter switch seems OK and the kill switch too. When I engage the starter switch, I hear the solenoid click but the bike won’t start. If I play with the started switch, the bike will engage after several… Read More

Turn Signal Not Working

I have a 1999 Sportster 883 hugger. This am, my right turn signal did not function. It did not light up on the indicator panel either. When I started it, it blinked for a moment then stopped. The left turn signal works fine. When I put the hazards on, the… Read More

1981 FXE Starter Wiring Issue

I have a 1981 HD FXE. The issue is in the wiring system. If I have the wiring hooked up properly for starting, it keeps cranking. I then have to disengage the wire from the battery for it to stop. I have changed the relays, breakers, solenoid,… Read More