Throttle Body Assembly

Question Any ideas on how to fix my throttle by wire issues on a 10 Street Glide? When you turn the key and hit the run position it goes click click click real loud, now the C.E.L is on all the connections at the unit and ECU are good, I disconnected the power commander and the throttle pack and same problem. I’m started to think H-D stands for Highly Disappointed…

Answer Was there something you were attempting to do before this problem arose? We do not understand what the throttle by wire has to do with the sound you hear when you toggle to run. Be sure that the sound you hear is not fuel system related. Maybe, with a little more info, we can be more helpful.

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Hogger, James, Reply:
Hello, I just wanted to give you a follow-up to the questions I had regarding my Harley Davidson electronic throttle control. I had told you there was a lot of clicking coming from it when you turned the key on and put it in the run position. And also it had thrown a check engine light.

I ordered a new throttle body assembly off of a 2013 model. After doing a little research I found out that it was a larger throttle body assembly than what was on my model already, partly because its for the 103 motor and not the 96. I figured since I had already done the intake and a full exhaust as well as a throttle pack and a power commander that a little larger would only help me.

Well I was correct, the slight increase in the throttle body size made a huge difference in the performance I gained. Not only did it solve my problem of the clicking that I had, it aided in better performance for the engine.

I then took the actuator assembly a part and I found the root cause of the problem, there are several actuator gears inside one being metal a couple being plastic, well two teeth were missing off the larger plastic gear that moved the throttle blade not allowing it to make a clean sweep and close when performing the systems check. In it also threw the check engine light due to the fact the voltage was not where it should have been when the blade showed the throttle plate closed.

Just an FYI if you ever run across this problem or question in the future, thanks for your help.
Blankschen’s Motorcycle Service, James B

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  1. tristan hollis
    tristan hollis

    I had the same problem with my sportster after i wrecked it. Take your controls on the handle bar off and see if any of your wire are pinched, open, grounded etc and i ill be willing to bet thats where your problem is.

    • tristan hollis
      tristan hollis

      Mine was even starting its self when i would just switch on the run button not even the start button. Normally on these bikes you’ll hear a lil bzzz noise ahen you switch on the run button and then you can push the start button but mine was just starting itself from the run button from being grounded, and it made the click click click click click

  2. Brian

    I have 2009 Street Glide. Just changed the battery in it. It starts fine but now there is no throttle response. Any suggestions? Thanks

  3. Brian

    2012 street glide…..Why is my throttle body chattering when I hit the run button prior to start? Then it does it one warmed up & the idle rises.

  4. Steven Toole
    Steven Toole

    On my 2006 Softail Deuce EFI, there is a port that is on the left top that is plugged off. What is it for? Can I use it for the crank case breather on an aftermarket air filter?

  5. Ken

    I have 2011 FLHR Road King the wire harness that runs to the throttle control actuator rubbed on a head fin and into one of the wires. I discovered it while checking connection because the bike has been missing and backfiring basically running like crap. I thought I remedied the issue by insulating it but have had no change. Because of the shorting could the throttle control actuator be damaged or since the wire has been rubbed that it’s not sending propper current to the actuator…

  6. Majesty

    Hope this is the right spot to ask for help.
    I have a 2010 ultra classic. Brought bike to HD to see why my CEL was coming on .Was told that it was TGS and that I needed it replaced but the weren’t sure that was the whole problem. The cost would be almost $1,200.00 .With no warranty I needed to do the job myself. I bought the TGS and installed it myself. After I ran for test I not only have CEL but it comes on faster now. I re checked the codes and this is what I get P1510,P2122,P2138 and cruse not working. The engine is cutting out right at 1500rpm then settles out. Hope this makes sense to you and you can tell me what they mean. Could I have the TGS wiring wrong?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Majesty,

      You should try replacing the pins in the induction module plug. They are known to wear from vibration & lose contact. Otherwise, you may need to replace your induction module. Unfortunately, your issue can be difficult to diagnose. Typically the TGS is the place to start.

      Mark FMH Video Membership

        • Customer Service
          Customer Service

          Hi John. The induction module and corresponding plug is located on the front, left of the throttle body assembly.
          I have emailed you a picture of this.

  7. AL Neeley
    AL Neeley

    I have a 09 SG and It keeps going into limp mode. And with a brake lever pressed or pulled, barely have any throttle. Ive been reading that the pins in the plug for the induction module go bad. So I replaced them. Still no better. Now what? Codes I currently have is P1353, P1510, and P2138. Should I go after the TGS? and where would I find the how to on this?

  8. Maurice

    I have a 2016 Harley 750 street and in order to fit heated grips I need to remove the throttle tube and replace it with another which is designed to accept the new throttle grip. Can you explain to me how to go about this please?

  9. Bill Denham
    Bill Denham

    Just bought a 2009 FLHTCU Ultra. Only 19900 miles. Just took it into town and stopped at ATM. Left bike idleing for maybe 4 minutes. When I went to leave there was no throttle. It would idle but wouldn’t throttle up. Turned it off for maybe 4 minutes and restarted it and ran fine the rest of evening. The service dept at Teds Harley in Alton Illinois said this year has some issues with throttle body problems but no recalls. I am not a mechanic by any means so just wondered if you had any thoughts on this. And what may need to be done. Thank you.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      That was correct information they gave you. You may need to replace your twist grip sensor along with the pin connectors at your induction module.
      In some cases we have had bad induction modules.

  10. Mark Threatt
    Mark Threatt

    I have a 2016 street glide battery was low causing the bike not to start only get a clicking, so I hook booster cables up to my running truck and I made a mistake and hooked them up wrong now won’t click at all. Do I brought a new battery and it will not start all but the lights and everything else comes on and that’s it