Timing a Twin Cam Engine?

QuestionHello Dennis, I was wondering if and how to set the timing on my 03 FLSTC. If it can be done how about a video on timing a Twin Cam engine? Let everyone know that It is fire prevention month so be safe, test your smoke alarms, check the fire extinguishers and support your local fire department 🙂

Ride Safe, Captain Anderson

AnswerHello Cap, there is no way to adjust timing on a Twin Cam engine. Your crank position sensor reads your flywheels and sends that info to your ECM or ICM (carburated). Early T/C’s also used a cam position sensor. – Dennis

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13 Responses to “Timing a Twin Cam Engine?”
  1. John savela
    John savela

    I have a 1999 road King. Twin cam engine. Just had it rebuilt, now is 97 inches. Problem is… It pings. What makes a motor ping? Timing? Fuel?

  2. Justin

    Doesn’t the powercommander 5 adjust the timing? 2007 flhtcui has pinging when I crank the throttle, especially in 6th.

  3. Gordon Smith
    Gordon Smith

    ive been reading your newsletter for a while and ive come across an issue i have a question about i have a 2000 flhric and after 17 years my m&m never gave a single problem till it trashed an injecter replacement was out of budget but i happen to have a small shop and ive colected parts for many years so i happened to have everything to convert over to a carberater took me about 3 hrs too convert it and all went perfectfor a few months till i went to pull out of the drive and it acted like it fouled a plug and now will only back fire every once in a while i replaced crank sensor and now i beleive it to be the cam sensor in 01 they deleted the cam sensor but didnt change the ign module till 03 im not sure about the sub wiring harness on the 01 but i imagine it only has 2 different wires if any at alll so my question is since the camm sensor isnt needed there must be a way to bypass it also ive found only a couple companies have a conversion kit persay for going from the M&m injection to carb and they are outragious on pricing so as i did mine i put together a conversion list and cost depends on the carberater and ignition module used other than that it is all factory set up if any one may be looking to convert their bikes overyou can give my email address or i can give you the list to post if youd like thank you in advance for you service to all of us working class harley lovers

  4. Ronald E Hawley
    Ronald E Hawley

    I changed rocker boxes on my 03 softail is it possible that I messed up my timing if I did tdc on exhaust instead of compression .?