Tom and Susie D’s Harley Story

I started riding in 1970. We Susie and I were married and we bought a 1970 BSA one lunger 442. We rode a long time on it until it was stolen. The hearth was broken until I come across a Yamaha 750cc. We rode it till it died. Then we got a Kawasaki 850. Fast as it was fine. We sold it. We longed for another bike.

We stopped at a Harley dealer in Georgia. I fell in love with a Soft tail on display, she was a beauty, all chrome and white. I asked the salesmen if he can lower it for me we have a deal. He did. (Only 5’2″). We rode off the next day. Many years of great fun, didn’t know why we didn’t ride a Harley from the beginning. Next bike was a trike 2012 until I traded both bikes in on 2016 trike nice. Up till now. Harley is for me. Thanks, Harley for a great bike.

Tom and Susie D

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