Touring Bolt-On Edition

I reviewed an earlier Fix My Hog DVD in these pages a while back, the Sportster Edition, and highly recommended it to Sporty owners who want to do some of their own service or just learn heaps more about their bike. Now along comes Fix My Hog – Touring Bolt-On Edition, a whopping 6 hours and 55 minutes spread over 3 DVDs. Professionally taped in a motorcycle repair shop this edition is designed to show Harley owners how to upgrade their bike with a whole swathe of aftermarket parts and accessories.

Now the beauty of DVDs as compared with tapes is that you don’t have to hunt for the segment you want by fast forwarding a video tape, but can simply pick and choose from scene selections the particular task you want to view.

In the interests of space I’ll list just a few of the many items appearing in this addition; fairing removal, Power Commander fitting, fitting a Dynojet Thunderslide and Jet Kit, fitting a chrome inner primary, upgrading to Goodridge brake lines, fitting a Barnett Scorpion clutch, a Headwinds custom headlight, a Supertrapp 2:1 exhaust, a Mikuni carby and more, much more as you can imagine.

Professionally trained mechanics perform and explain each upgrade step in easy-to-follow detail and this edition, like the others, empowers any bloke who’s a bit handy with a spanner to carry out tasks ranging from fairly simple to quite sophisticated. Fix My Hog reckon that their high quality video and audio will bring you right into the shop, and make following the factory service manual a snap, with insider tips and lessons learned the hard way by professional mechanics. And I see no reason to argue with that at all.

A bonus in this edition is an interview with our good mate Chris Maida from American Iron magazine about performance upgrades. Fix My Hog founder Dennis Santopietro, an avid motorcyclist and Harley-Davidson owner, has produced DVDs also for Softails and Dynas and his web site at is well worth a look. You can also sign up for a free newsletter on the web site.

A case could be made that this edition is worth it for the fairing removal section alone as this fairly tricky task can be confidently attacked once you have this DVD, and that’s no small thing. And I the pride that comes with tackling a task yourself and completing it successfully is one that is hard to put a monetary value upon. The Fix My Hog – Touring Bolt-On Edition is highly recommended.
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