Trouble with Tour Pak Lid Catch

Q: I bought the 53000195 Self Aligning Tour Pak Lid Catch, but I’m having a hard time installing it. It should be relatively easy, just two torx screws, but they won’t budge and I’m afraid I’ll break the screw heads or the torx driver. I have been trying to unscrew them. I think they must have plenty of Loctite in there, as the new screws come coated in it as well. Any ideas on how to break them loose? The part instructions say not to use impact wrench, because you might break the head off the screw. By the way, I own the Touring 1 and 2 DVDs. They’re great.
Michael F

A: Michael, make sure you are using a good quality/good condition torx bit and go for it. There is really no other way to approach it. You can not use heat or shock the bolts because of their location. If the heads of the bolts break off, they should not be difficult to extract.

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