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QuestionWell maybe someone can help me. I have a 2015 ROADGLIDE SPECIAL. The dealer installed S&S power tune duals, V&H VO2 AF from my 2012 RGC. Also have V&H FP3 tuner also installed by dealer. Since I picked up bike I have been having a few issues. First idle is rough occasionally. Other issue is that when running down interstate, when RPM is in the range between 2500-3500, which is the cruising range of 70-75 mph. Seems that the engine is lacking fuel or something. As soon as I get above 3500 rpm, the bike takes off and runs well. Talked with VH and they sent me another tuner and it still does it. The tech that installed the tuner on my Harley said he noticed it also but said it would work itself out. Well 2500 miles later and several different tunes it’s still there. Would like the bike corrected. Any suggestions? The tuner is now married to the bike and I can’t afford to go with another tuner. Several of my friends have the same tuner and have had no issues. Please help.

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Answer You did not mention: Did anything change as you experimented with different maps? Anything noticeably better, or worse?
We would suggest making an appointment to get your bike up on a Dyno. The graph you read will show you exactly what is happening in that RPM range. When you determine what the m/c needs (more, or less fuel) in the specific RPM range; it may be a good idea to contact V&H again. Ask them if they can send you a few more, different maps to try. V&H are really good about working with such issues. Even better if you contact someone from tech support before hand. See if you can have someone on the hook that you can call while the m/c is still hot, on the Dyno.

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      Customer Service Techs

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  1. Len

    Have you tried running auto tune on FP-3. The base maps are great. They are more tuned to the high RPM range. Try flashing base map for your set-up. Then run auto tune (see V&H website) all this must be done from an Android phone. Dennis has a great install video of FP-3. Not sure if it details auto-tune process. While in auto-tune take the bike out for about an hour then flash the results. You will notice a huge improvement over base map for your application. Happy Trails and Good Luck

  2. tom

    1996 Fatboy. On the brake light I have no light with bulb. With a test light on can see running light and I get brake light when I press the brake pedal. As soon as I put a bulb in I get nothing. Please help.

  3. Rodney

    I’m getting fuel in my crankcase. I smell gas in the vacuum line. Could my petcock be bad. I have rebuild the carburetor already. I still have the same problem

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Hi, Rodney. We would be happy to assist you; we just need some more information. What is the year and model of your motorcycle?

  4. Terry

    While cleaning the bike I noticed the rear drive pulley has a black color to it. I can scrape it with my finger nail and its pretty tough to get off. Not sure what caused it. Any suggestions on what type of cleaner to use to remove it?