Turn Signal Not Flashing

Q:My Harley Heritage Softail 1996 indicator/turn signal lights stay on when instead of blinking. I hit the “turn” button for the signal/turn lights, but they just come on and stay on! Help!
Regards Jonny Garnder from Australia.

A:Jonathan, sounds like you have a bad turn signal module. You will find this module between the fuel tanks, beneath your dash area. Thanks, and good luck

Similar Question Been enjoying the videos and tips I have a 2008 Street glide with 90K miles on it. I always took it to the dealer until I found your website and got the premium membership. I have a problem with the right rear turn signal it lights (i have the continuous on type) but it will not flash. I have changed the bulbs, replaced the entire turn signal bar this weekend and it still did not fix it. The front turn signal still works so I assume it is not the switch. Any hints on where to look next?

A: Richard, you may have a faulty turn signal security module (TSSM). You can change it out but unfortunately, the only way to verify this before hand is to have the dealer scan your m/c.

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26 Responses to “Turn Signal Not Flashing”
  1. Emmett

    The wrong bulb will cause a constant on condition as well. I bought a used soft tail springer that the previous owner had put an AutoZone bulb in one of the rear turn signals. The correct H-D bulb with the correct resistance fixed the issue cheaper than a module.

  2. Wayne Goebelt

    How do you disconnect and reconnect a turn signal that is being replaced?

  3. Jeff

    Ok T have a similar problem. I have an 07 883 Sportster. My turn signals don’t work but my 4 ways do. I was told by a dealer that I had to have it fixed by them because the module need pass worded. Is this true or could I buy one from Ebay and put it in myself? I am on a fixed income and trying to save some money.

  4. Jacob

    I have a 01 softail and wen u apply the brakes the rf and rr blinker comes on and wen u let go it goes dim and on my dash wen i apply the brakes the light for the blinker comes on help me

  5. Sam

    I have 1993 softtail and left turn signal work but right doesn’t it doesn’t blink ..

  6. Mike

    Have a 97 FXDWG. Installed a badlander load equalizer 17 years ago for run and brake lights on the rear. If the bike is not moving the right turn signal functions correctly. If bike is moving, if you press the right turn signal, it will light up, but not flash. Looked in the service manual and this problem is not listed for troubleshooting the turn signals. Any suggestions?

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Mike. Would try the signal function without the Badlands module. If the signal works correctly, the Badlands module is bad. Otherwise, you may have an issue with your turn signal module or your issue can be in your harness or plugged connections. http://www.fixmyhog.com/videos/electrical/

  7. Dane

    I have the same problem. I did replace the TSSM yet it still does not flash. I did replace the factory bulbs with LED bulbs prior to this condition…………… any suggestions?

  8. Steve

    I have just bought a 92 softail custom. The turn signals work on accessory mode and ignition with no lights mode but when you turn the lights on they wont work? Do you think it is my module.? Thanks

  9. Todd

    My speedometer is working erratic. When I give it throttle the speedimeter digital reading goes blank and the engine light comes on and the turn signals will not flash. When I come to a stop they work

  10. jim

    have 2000 roadking classic, when turning on ignition right turn indicator on dash is lit, and the bulb has both filaments lit ,back stays lit also and neither flashes? whats up with this

  11. Kevin

    the turn signals on my 1976 are flashing however more like a strobe than traditional slow blinking. The emergency flashers are working correctly. i have change the flasher relay and replaced all the bulbs.