Upgrade Cam Plate and Oil Pump

Question for Fix My Hog Hello, I love fix my hog. Excellent tutorials. I have been following your videos on the upgrade cam plate, oil pump and hydraulic chain tensioners. This is exactly what my upgrade consists of but my cam plate is the hybrid orange one. I am ready to install the 2 cam gear sprockets and chain. The directions I am not sure of but is there a spacer that goes behind each of the sprockets? There is a thrush washer that goes behind the sprocket on the old stock cam plate but not sure to put one on the new cam plate. Thanks for any input…Ray

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Fix My Hog Answers Ray, check out our video: Harley hydraulic cam chain tensioner, cam gears and chain install. This video will give you a good visual. Install a spacer behind your cam gear only (the large gear). You can try using the spacer that you have. Snug both gears down and use a straight edge to see if the gears are within .010 of each other. If they measure over .010, you will need to purchase a spacer kit from H.D. The spacer kit offers a variety of sizes.

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  1. roy.russell55

    Ticket 23383 I have kit 25284-11 upgrade kit for my 2002 Heritage . Is there a gasket or o ring for the oil pump to the cam plate and is there a gasket for the hydrolic tensioners