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Tell Us Your Story
collage strip of old Harley Photos

Harley-Davidson has been an American icon since 1903, and there have been generations of riders on the roads before us. In many cases, we become riders because of these older generations. Our parents, grandparents, or other family members introduced us to the lifestyle at a young age. It’s not just about the motorcycle, it’s about our memories created with them.

Think back to when you became interested in Harley-Davidsons. Was there a rider in your family before you? Who was it? Do they still ride? Do you ride together? Did they leave you a motorcycle? We want to know!

Fix My Hog wants you to share your story with us for a chance of a lifetime. If you have been left a family member’s Harley-Davidson, tell us about you, your family member and the Harley-Davidson they passed along to you. We would like to share your story with the Fix My Hog community, and you might even get a chance to get that Harley fixed if it needs some tender, wrenching care from Fix My Hog. Submit your story here and make sure to include some photos.

Read some of the great stories submitted by our members and visitors.

collage strip of old Harley Photos

We thank Dennis Kirk for helping to share these stories.

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Amy Wojcik’s Harley Story

Dennis, I have loved Harley Davidson since I was a little kid as my Daddy had several over the years. He started off with one, for himself, that he rebuilt from the frame up, that was rescued from a “spare parts” heap in the back room of a repair shop. Once that one was complete,…

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Jack Drew’s Story

So I have been a motorcycle enthusiast since I was a little boy. As I grew, my passion for motorcycles grew. I rode just about any motorcycle I could get my hands on. It made no difference about make or model whatever kept me in the wind was good for me. I got my first…

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Mark Kopycienski’s Harley Story

In 1984 I returned home from the Army after serving four years in Berlin Germany. The whole time while serving there all I saw was European motorcycles. I yearned to see and hear a Harley. My life long dream was to have one. One day while working with my team getting ready to go southern…

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Mark Plummer’s Harley Story

Dennis, I started my love for Harley Davidsons and motorcycles when I was just a young boy. My dad said I always loved his motorcycles. I would sneak out to the garage at night and sit on it and pretend to be riding. My father and uncle would take off every week when they could…

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Rick Dobbie’s Harley Story

THE LUCKIEST GUY: Sometime back in the early 90’s I had just arrived at my girlfriend’s father’s house for a holiday meal of some kind (I’m gonna go with Easter, and assume that he was just getting his bike out of storage after the long, cold Canadian winter). I’d been dating his daughter for some…

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Richard Presswood’s Harley Story

In 2003 my younger brother and I each bought motorcycles. I had a 2004 V star, he bought a homely 1992 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic. Jim put a lot blood, sweat, and tears into his ride. Unfortunately, we lost Jim 4 yrs. I lost interest in riding sold my bike. Jim’s Harley sat in…

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Don Millis’ Harley Story

In 1971, about to be drafted for the Vietnam War, I decided to enlist in the marines and fly helicopters. About a week before I was set to report to boot camp, I was headed out for a Saturday night ride. I was riding a 1969 Sportster at the time. Riding by myself. I was…

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Chris Mark’s Harley Story

My Harley Davidson is sitting in my back yard locked to the back door railing. I bought it about 16 months ago as a project and I did some work on it. I have not been able to get it to start and run. There are other things going on in my life that have…

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Sal’s Story

My Dad’s stories were a big part of my interest in Harleys and starting Fix My Hog. Here’s his story (well one of them). The year was 1956 and seven club members of the Sinners motorcycle club left Litchfield, Conn. for Canada. My ride was a 1948 full dress Harley, that I still own, (funny…

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Daniel Morgan’s Harley Story

This will take up a couple of paragraphs because I’m gonna span almost 50 years here. In March of 1970, when I was a senior in high school I was over at my neighbors house one day after school, and his big brother, who had recently come back from Vietnam, come pulling up on this…

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