6 Speed Transmission Rebuild


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Harley-Davidson 6 Speed Rebuild
Run Time 83 Min

The Harley 6 Speed Rebuild Project is here! The Harley 6 Speed has been in service since 2006 when it was introduced to the Dyna family. Higher road speeds made this a necessity for Harley-Davidson. It has had it’s fair share of positive and negative reviews. Aftermarket companies jumped on its’ downfalls to make a better overdrive. This 83 Minute video project will show you how to rebuild your Harley 6 speed and it will provide you a great walk through if you plan to swap out for an aftermarket transmission.

The Harley 6 speed transmission is excellent, but they do have one week point. The transmission’s main drive gear bearing is a double roller bearing that is prone to premature failure.

Often, as early as 30 thousand miles, the hard-face of the bearing race(s) can wear away, eventually destroying the entire bearing. If you hear a whining sound, especially when coasting; it may be an indication of a failing main bearing. A leaking Harley 6 speed transmission can be another indication, as the main drive gear begins to tip and move out if position within the seal.

Download this project and watch our pro, Mike Roen, strip it down and rebuilt it step-by-step.