Wheel Bearings, Radios & Kick Stands DVD

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DVD: Wheel Bearings, Radios & Kick Stands

This DVD will bring your wrenching skills to a new level with some beyond basic procedures!

Sealed wheel bearings on your Harley-Davidson® are supposed to make things easier for us. We no longer have to pack grease into the bearings and this saves us a maintenance step. Here’s the rub, the axle can start to seize to the bearings or the bearing can start to seize to the hub. Bob shows us the not-so-easy job of replacing sealed wheel bearings.

For many riders, anything electrical on a motorcycle can be just as frightening as a deer jumping in front of you at 70 mph. If you are one of those guys, this DCS (Direct Connect) audio system upgrade is built just for you. The installation of the DCS kit truly is plug-and-play. There is no need to splice and solder anything. This audio upgrade uses the same connectors as your factory system and it utilizes your bike’s existing wiring to power the amplifier.

The Harley® kickstand spring is a critical part of your motorcycle. Without it your, Harley-Davidson kickstand will not work and you will not be able to stand your motorcycle up. Do not pull at the spring. You can hurt yourself, the spring and damage your motorcycle. Don’t worry; we will show you the proper way to do it! 91 minutes.