Handlebar Upgrades 4-DVD Set

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4-DVD Set: Handlebar Upgrades

Fix My Hog brings you Handlebars 101. This set of videos will help you bring comfort and style to your Harley-Davidson®. Whether you like ape hangers or drag bars, you will need to remove stock handlebars and install new. Take your time — this can be a labor intensive project especially if you go with higher bars than your stock set-up. When you change the height of your bars you have to be aware that you may need longer cables and wiring. These DVDs will give you many must-have tips and step-by-step help in creating the look and ride you want! You should check your state and local laws to see if there are restrictions on height. 271 minutes.

Handlebar Upgrades Part 1 – 66 minutes

Chapter Topics:

  • Handlebar Removal: Lights & Nacelle
  • Handlebar Controls, Master Cylinder and Brake Line Removal
  • Harley Clutch Cable and Handlebar Removal
  • Harley Handlebar Riser Bushings Replacement
  • Internal Wiring & Stock Harness Pin Removal
  • Handlebar Upgrades Part 2 – 95 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Extending Stock Harness: Soldering Staggered Connections
  • Extending Stock Harness: Heat Shrink
  • Pulling Wires Through Ape Hangers
  • Extended Wire Harness: Adding Pin Connectors
  • Handlebar Upgrades Part 3 – 54 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Tips on Extending Handlebar Wires
  • Tip on Pulling Wires Through Handlebars
  • Installing the Mini Ape Hangers
  • Braided Clutch Cable Install
  • Harley Clutch Lever Housing and Grip Install
  • Harley Handlebar Wiring Connectors
  • Harley Throttle By Wire Grip and Master Cylinder Install
  • Handlebar Upgrades Part 4 – 56 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Braided Brake Line Install
  • Brake Bleeding Made Easy
  • Nacelle, Headlamp and Passing Lamps Install
  • Harley Clutch Adjustment and Battery Connection
  • Project Review and Safety Check
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